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Contact Management Simplified

Store and manage all prospect information, contact info, interactions, and reports in one central location.

Push Button Prospecting

We help you maximize your effectiveness with automated prospecting sequences. When you log into our dashboard you can launch a pre-configured lead magnet and series of pre-written email auto responders with the push of a button.

Agent Attraction Website

We provide a website that includes the seven essential elements you must have for online recruiting. We avoid the single most greatest Online Recruiting Killer, a site that's all about your company or team and not focused on your prospect.

Here's Why You Need This...


A specific email program with the right content and frequency that engages your prospects, must be the backbone of your recruiting.


Recruiting is not an event, it's a series of events within a system that requires a consistent proven system.

The RIGHT ONLINE presence

Agents are online consumers too. You must have an agent specific website to compete for the Internet Empowered Recruit.


Gathering intelligence of prospect interaction with your website and email while tracking all of your conversations.


Every challenge in your organization is solved with a proven recruiting system. You can recruit your way out of anything!

Recruiting Scripts

Software alone will not recruit productive agents. You must have the proven and applicable language patterns for all of your prospect interaction. Multiple scripts, dialogues and objection handling language is provided in the training section of The Real Recruiter.

Real Time Reporting

See immediate snap-shots of all activity and interactions with your website and emails so you know when your agent is ready to join.

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