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The All-In-One Recruiting Solution for The Real Estate Industry

Recruiting Made Easier

Contact Manager

All of your recruiting prospects, tasks, interactions, notes, appointments and opportunities to contact a prospect are available in a single view within The Real Recruiter.

Real Time Agent Prospecting

Real Time  Constant capabilities to transfer value and create an experience of you, your leadership, and your company through numerous engagement tools that provide immediate useful information your prospects can implement into their current business.

Quantitative Analysis

The system allows you to gather intelligence and provides accountability. Track your personal recruiting activity or the activities of managers and recruiters in your company. The data is confidential, secured, and delivers reports that enlighten you to make your next recruiting move.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs The Real Recruiter

  1. You are not in the real estate business. You are in the human resource, human development, human attraction, and human behavior business. You must have a system that manages this scope of responsibility.
  2. Recruiting solves every single challenge you have in your organization and is the solution to increased market share, productivity, and profitability.
  3. Recruiting is not an event; it’s a process that includes a series of specific events that must have levels of automation.
  4. Recruiting is the most challenging skill-set in the real estate industry. Following a market tested and market proven process supported by software will mask the lack of certain skill-sets that will evolve naturally by following the process.
  5. To experience consistent growth, you must have a system to leverage yourself by when you are not making calls and doing interviews. You need a 24 hour recruiter.

Prime Features of The Real Recruiter

  1. Multiple office layered structure gives you the capability to see a snapshot of activity from a single office view or an aggregate view of multiple offices. Reporting systems for every level of activity and engagement of your website lead portals and drip emails.
  2. A career website with multiple value-transference lead capture portals to engage your prospects.
  3. Compelling drip email content that has been scientifically engineered to transfer value and facilitate the engagement of your prospects.
  4. A weekly webinar/coaching call that delivers training on usage of The Real Recruiter and today’s recruiting and leadership that attract and retain productive agents. Sessions are delivered by industry leader, Jon Cheplak, a former branch manager, recruiter, and executive of a multi-office, multi-state real estate company. Jon has spent the past 12 years consulting with the top real estate companies in the world.
  5. An exclusive library of over 200 hours of video from past recorded webinar/coaching calls covering all aspects of recruiting and leadership available to you 24/7.
  6. Multiple automated prospecting systems that launch from the backend of The Real Recruiter system and can also be launched from your career website.
  7. Fully integrated recruiting specific contact management system/CRM engineered and designed from the ground up and is fully integrated to interact with your career website.
  8. Every script, dialogue, and objection scenario solution provided to you in The Real Recruiter Resource Center.
  9. Recruiting calls fail for most because it’s an “interruption” in an agents day. With our deposit/value transference based prospecting tools you will no longer be an “interruption” (which nets very low conversions) and start to be a simple “check in” call. More comfortable for you and a prospect that is more receptive because you have made a deposit and given them value in their business.

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Technology That Serves Your Business

  1. The Real Recruiteris your all-in-one recruiting technology platform combining technology and specific recruiting strategies, systems, and processes to lower your recruiting fear barrier, increase your activities and dramatically increase your recruiting results.
  2. Dual purposed: It is our guarantee that if you implement the software and recruiting/leadership principles provided to you, your leadership and recruiting will make you a leader in the market.
  3. The Real Recruiter is a depository of GOLD holding all the data of your future agents.
  4. The most critical way we serve your business is our recognition and vision we are a coaching, training, and consulting organization first, and a recruiting technology platform second.

Trusted and Used by Industry Leaders

What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

  • Lisa Andrus Long & Foster Real Estate

    I have been using The Real Recruiter program for several years now.  The ability for me to go to one source for all my recruiting needs and access my data base on the go through the iPad app is essential…

  • Steven Reibel The Keyes Company

    Can you believe we’ve been clients of yours since 2007!  I knew you when you doing tiny seminars way back when.  What’s funny is I thought I knew a lot about recruiting  until heard you speak.  And I’ve told others…

  • Jim Zarkadas C21 Commonwealth

    Working with Jon Cheplak and The Real Recruiter team has given us the opportunity to manage a database of potential recruits, create a follow up system, and present a state of the art website that engages agents from other companies…

  • Mark Sampson Call Realty

    Have been very impressed, and for some time, as I and another Broker friend have been a part of this system from the beginning. Jon Cheplak is an amazing person and continually challenges the broker community within his context of tested and…

  • Nick D'Ambrosia Long & Foster Real Estate

    At Long & Foster Real Estate, we receive over 6,000 career inquires and hire over 2,000 agents every year. One of the integral parts of our recruiting program is The Real Recruiter. As we all know, recruiting is a marathon,…

  • Rich Conrad RE/MAX Preferred Choice

    Just wanted to send a quick note on how pleased I am with The Real Recruiter website.  I was looking for ways to stay in contact with my database and TRR fits the bill perfectly.  Every week the “Quick Tips”…

The All-In-One Recruiting Solution for The Real Estate Industry