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Success Stories


Just wanted to send a quick note on how pleased I am with The Real Recruiter website.  I was looking for ways to stay in contact with my database and TRR fits the bill perfectly.  Every week the “Quick Tips” go out and keeps me in front of agents.  John’s weekly webinar coaching has been invaluable and every week I know I can pick up at least 2 or 3 nuggets that I can immediately implement.  Their technology department has been very responsive to my needs and has tweaked my website when needed.   I can go on, but you get my meaning.  Thanks again!!


At Long & Foster Real Estate, we receive over 6,000 career inquires and hire over 2,000 agents every year. One of the integral parts of our recruiting program is The Real Recruiter. As we all know, recruiting is a marathon, not a sprint. What better way to keep in contact than through the “Business Tips.” We enter every inquiry into the system and put the candidates on the drip, whether they come with us or not. Of course the other tools and particularly the weekly coaching calls with Jon are FANTASTIC.


Have been very impressed, and for some time, as I and another Broker friend have been a part of this system from the beginning. Jon Cheplak is an amazing person and continually challenges the broker community within his context of tested and proven threories, systems and strategies. By the same token as the leader of this community, named The Real Recruiter, has turned the corner as a package. Together with superior support resources it is in the top of class for real estate brokers around the globe.


Working with Jon Cheplak and The Real Recruiter team has given us the opportunity to manage a database of potential recruits, create a follow up system, and present a state of the art website that engages agents from other companies as well as new agents. From the reports, to the training platforms and news outlets their product created a one stop shop for all of our recruiting needs. CENTURY 21 Commonwealth was thrilled when Jon and his team’s system resulted in an increase in agents hires in the 1st 12 months.


Can you believe we’ve been clients of yours since 2007!  I knew you when you doing tiny seminars way back when.  What’s funny is I thought I knew a lot about recruiting  until heard you speak.  And I’ve told others that of all the national recruiting speakers I heard, your program and philosophy rings true with those we are trying to recruit. There is no “silver bullet” but TRR comes closest to being one with one caveat – the program works if you work the program.  Last year Keyes hired 850 associates.  Yes we are recruiting focused and have an outstanding  team but the heart and soul of our efforts is our career site . Jon, I am looking forward to another great recruiting year with TRR as our partners.


I have been using The Real Recruiter program for several years now.  The ability for me to go to one source for all my recruiting needs and access my data base on the go through the iPad app is essential for my time management!  However, the one thing that surpasses the value of the technology is the customer service. No matter what time of the day or week, tech support is always available to help me through any requests I have. I’m so much more productive and successful in recruiting our Top 100 Hit List because of this program! Thanks Jon, Tim and Sagar. You’re the best!!!!

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