Comprehensive Business Assessment™ (CBA™)
Our exclusive Confidential Business Assessment™ is designed to give you a comprehensive and objective overview of your real estate business and how you can best achieve your ideal career. By addressing the questions posed here, you will gain insight as to how well (or not so well) your business is currently positioned to serve YOU rather than being a slave to it. THE PAYOFF: you gain insight as to “what’s missing” from your business and we are better prepared to guide you to your extraordinary career.
You will find the 5-10 minutes it takes to complete it well worth the effort. And as always, your answers will be kept in the strictest confidence. In fact, you can remain completely annomyous if you want to!
Shortly after clicking the Submit button at the bottom of this form, you will receive a copy of your Confidential Business Assessment™ via e-mail. IMPORTANT: print this e-mail out and save for your records.
Your Experience
The purpose of this section is to obtain an objective understanding
of your relative strengths and weaknesses within your business.
There are two kinds of people with experience: those with years of experience and those with experience in their years...
  Years in the real estate sales business full time:
  What was your previous career?:
Current Annual Income: $ Transaction sides / yr:
  Where does your business come from (must add up to 100%):
  Designations you hold:
  What is your greatest business strength?:
  What is your greatest business weakness?:
Your Business Strategy
You can’t expect to have a fulfilling and financially rewarding career without a plan or strategy.
Ironically, this fact is ignored by the vast majority of real estate salespeople, hence they are caught in a rollercoaster cycle of boom & bust.
Another important part of a business strategy is to set up an “Exit Strategy” to generate substantial cash when you retire. This is something we can immediately help you with.
  How do you currently differentiate yourself from all your competitors?:
  What target markets do you specialize in? (put “None” if none):
  Do you have a written business plan?:
  How many Websites do you have?:
  How do you promote your business?:
The Internet Print Advertising
Prospecting Networking
Stay-in-touch Other
  How do you plan on increasing your business without overwhelming yourself?:
  Briefly describe your “exit strategy” for when you eventually retire:
Your Goals & Aspirations
This section is important because it will give you an objective perspective on how close (or far away) you are to your “ideal career” one where you only do what you love to do, make a great living doing it and have all the free time you want to enjoy it.
This also helps us to design a plan specific to your needs. Everyone is unique and the best way to leverage this for your business is to play to your strengths and show you how to get support for your weaknesses.
  Current Goal % Diff
 % of things you love to do:
  (i.e. what % of all tasks you do during the week you absolutely love to do — enter a range of 0 - 100)
Annual Net Income:
Hours worked / week:
Weeks of vacation / year:
  List in priority the things that frustrate you the most in your business:
  (#1 being the most frustrating)
Not enough free time: Not enough business:
Doing things I don’t like to do: Dealing with staff:
Overwhelming workload: Other:
  What do you feel is the number 1 thing stopping you from reaching your ideal career?:
  What are the things in your career that give you the most pleasure or joy?:
  What is the most important thing you look for in the company you choose to work with?:
Your Business Operations
This section is an excellent review of which tasks are being completed by whom.
You may discover that you are personally doing too many of these yourself, thus keeping you from what you do best and earns you the most money.
The good news is that we know exactly how to set your business up so you focus only on what you do best and enjoy most!
How many assistants are you currently using?:
(# Onsite Assistants & # Virtual Assistants)  
  What do your assistants primarily help you with?:
How much is your annual staffing budget?: $
Have you ever trained an assistant who then became your competitor?:
  If you were to hire another assistant, what would you have them do?:
  How are the following tasks currently handled within your business?:
Contact Management:
Writing Property Ads:
Transaction Coordination:
Listing Management:
Online Marketing:
Create Print Materials:
Create CMAs:
Update Website:
Manage Drip E-mail:
Manage Online Leads:
Your Personality Profile
Not everyone is well suited to turn their real estate sales “job” into a true career and business that serves them.
This section will help us determine if your style of working and coachability is amenable to achieving your ideal career.
  How would you rate your need to be “in control”?:
  How would you rate your ability to manage staff?:
  How would you rate your ability to handle details?
  How would you rate your coachability?:
  How would you rate your ability to deal with change?:
Have you had a DISC profile done on you?:
If so, what is your profile?:
Your Contact Information
Not everyone is well suited to turn their real estate sales “job” into a true career and business that serves them.
This section will help us determine if your style of working and coachability is amenable to achieving your ideal career.
First Name: Last Name:
Email: Mobile:
Home Address: Phone:
Country: State/Province:
Zip/Postal Code: City:
Primary Website:
If it appears there is a fit within our organization, what is
your preferred way for us to contact you?
How did you hear about us?:
Well, that’s all there is to it! When you click the Submit button below, your Confidential Business Assessment ™ will first make sure that all the necessary fields have been completed. Then it will send you a copy of your responses within just a few minutes. As mentioned earlier, within three business days we will get back to you with our review of your assessment.
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